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Fun Fur Yarn Lei


  • Fun Fur Yarn (2 colors)
  • 3/8"¯ Ribbon
  • 3 Thick Straws

  1. Use ribbon to measure desired length of lei. Add 6 inches. Cut three pieces.
  2. Put ribbons through straws and tape ends to straws to hold in place.
  3. Tie free ends of the three ribbons together in an overhand knot.
  4. Tie starting ends of fun fur to one straw. Hold the three straws in one hand and the yarn in your other hand. Begin wrapping in clockwise direction around each straw.
  5. When the wraps fill about 1/3 of the straws' length, push the wraps off the straw and onto the ribbon.
  6. Continue wrapping until your lei reaches the desired length. Tie off yarn onto one piece of ribbon.
  7. Release ribbons from straws and tie to the other end of the lei.
  8. Use more ribbon to create a fluffy bow where the ribbons are joined.

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