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Fred The Ringmaster


  • Wooden Clothespin - Old Fashioned
  • Small Craft Sticks
  • Wooden Star
  • Wooden Balls
  • Wooden Squares
  • Styrofoam Ball
  • Small Brad
  • Acrylic Paints – White, Pink, Red, Yellow, Black, Flesh
  • Washi Tape
  • Colored Cardstock Paper- Black
  • Felt – Black and Red
  • Sharpie™ Pen – Red Fine line Black
  • Decocolor™ Paint Pens – Black, Red, Yellow, and Gold
  • Hot Glue

  1. Using a 2 inch styrofoam ball, hot glue a small brad with the points removed to create a nose for the face.
  2. Hot glue the styrofoam ball to the top of a wooden clothespin. The hot glue will melt the bottom of the styrofoam ball so that it will fit down snuggly over the top of the clothespin. Paint the head with flesh colored acrylic paint. Let dry.
  3. Add details for face using acrylic paints. Let dry. Outline eyes with fine line black Sharpie™.
  4. Cut a small mustache from black felt and hot glue to face under nose.
  5. Paint pants white. Let dry.
  6. When dry, draw red strips down the legs using a Sharpie™ pen. (You may also use the red Decocolor™ paint pen).
  7. Apply black Sharpie™ pen to create a vest. (You may also use the black Decocolor™ paint pen).
  8. Use washi tape and create a shirt. Use a gold Decocolor™ pen to add buttons and belt.
  9. Cut a 2 ½ inch by 4 inch strip of black paper. Cut small slits ¼ inch from one edge and fold down roll to form hat top. Glue in place. Cut a 1 ½ inch circle from black paper and glue to top of hat.
  10. Cut a 2 inch circle from black paper and cut out center. Glue to top of head and pushing down so that head will pop through. Glue top of hat to that brim.
  11. Wrap hat with a ½ inch piece of red felt for hat band.
  12. Wrap the bottom of the legs with a 2 ½ inch by 1 ½ inch piece of red felt to create boot tops. Carefully tuck the felt between the wooden legs. Secure with hot glue at the bottom of the leg.
  13. Cut two shoes from black felt and glue a red felt toe of boot ½ the size of the bottom. Glue into place on the top front of the boot bottom. Glue to the bottom of the legs.
  14. Paint a wooden star yellow. Let dry.
  15. Using hot glue, glue the Ring Master to the star.
  16. The final touch is to add a washi tape bow tie. Cut a small piece of tape, fold over on itself. Wrap with a small bit of thread in the center to create the bow tie and hot glue in place at neck.

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