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Framed Paper Dresses


  • Shadowbox Frame
  • Assorted Papers
  • Doily/ Tulle/ Lace
  • Petaloo™Flowers
  • Sheer Ribbon/Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Buttons, Rhinestones
  • Small Jewelry Chain
  • Hot Glue
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Black Wire

  1. Open frame and clean glass on both sides.
  2. Secure backing paper to top side of backing. Set aside.
  3. Thinking as you would be making paper doll clothes….cut out a bodice out of plain coordinating cardstock for two dresses, leaving a seam allowance on both sides to be folded and glued or taped together to create a dress top.
  4. Now, to that top gather a skirt and glue to the inside of the top. Layer as you like. You may want an underskirt, or overskirt. A grosgrain ribbon can be used as a belt. Using the decorative papers, cut out a circle design and make a collar, or a pocket. Try cutting the center from a Petaloo™ flower and gluing as you go, make another type of decorative collar. Add ribbons, more flowers and rhinestones to create buttons, etc.
  5. Cut two 10 inch pieces of black wire to form a hanger. Twist the wire together. Leave a 2 ½ inch bottom, folding up and in on both sides another 2 inches and twist together at the top. Roll the top end around a pencil to create a loop for a hanger. Trim off loose ends. Insert into finished dress.
  6. To make a purse, cut another 1 ¾ inch by 3 inch piece of paper. Fold the edges inwards and glue in place as you did with the bodice top, creating a pocket with a flap. Secure the flap down and add a button and small chain for hanging.
  7. When dresses are to your liking, hot glue or tape to top of backing paper at an angle.
  8. Insert backing into frame and secure.