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Floating Water Lotus 4 inch - Cream - 12 pack

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Floating Lotus with water disc. 4” in Cream 12 pack

Each order contains 12 Floating Lotus

Each spray features about 2 full bloom and 15 leaves.

Full Blooms measures about 2”and 4”wide and 2” tall

Use Floating Lotus for any style of home décor, floral centerpieces, or creative ideas. 

Floating Lotus: These amazing artificial Floating Lotuses are perfect for any sort of floral arrangement. This incredible and elegant Cream Floating Lotus is great for any upcoming formal events or home décor. Use this radiant Floating Lotus from Silk Floral to add an enchanting touch for your wedding centerpieces, or gorgeous decorations on pews of the church. Perfect for any home décor, you can use Floating Lotus in Cream to create an incredible and astounding setting by mixing it up with other glowing and magnificent flowers, mirrors, glossy marble gems, glass bowls, there are numerous possibilities! These Floating Lotuses are designed in rich creamy hue giving a peaceful and authentic appearance. We here at Beverly’s know that the decorating process is enormously important, and that is why we make every effort to produce a wide selection of high quality floral sprays, stems, and brush plants. Each order includes 12 of these gorgeous cream Floating Lotuses; one of many superb floral options that Beverly’s is happy to provide!


SKU : 03384904502
UPC : 033849045024
Manufacturer Number : AAF286-CR
Condition : New
Color : Cream
Manufacturer : Allstate Floral and Craft
Brand : Silk Vision