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Fabric Trees and Wreath


  • Christmas Fabric
  • 2 1/2, 3, and 4 Die Cut
  • 6 green Tulle w/Glitter
  • 2 Ribbon of Choice
  • Gold Glitter Spray
  • Red, White, and Green Card-stock
  • Buttons
  • Wreath form
  • DMC Floss
  • Clay Pot
  • Foam
  • Stuffing
  • Dowel
  • Fabric Glue

Project Downloads

Instructions For Wreath

  1. Using Die cut machine cut fabric, tulle, and cardstock with all three sizes. This will give you mix of sizes and textures.
  2. Wrap wreath form with strips of fabric giving you a base to build your wreath.
  3. Layer different fabrics and cardstock starting with largest to smallest.
  4. Stitch through all layers to base of wreath.
  5. Use button to finish circle, tie off button.

Instructions For Trees

  1. Insert Foam into clay pot and insert dowel (paint dowel to preferred color).
  2. Cut 2 triangles out of fabric, glue two of the three sides together to create a pocket, let dry over night.
  3. Stuff lightly to give dimension. Embellish triangle with desired embellishments.
  4. Add triangle to top of dowel and seal bottom with glue.
  5. Wrap clay pot with fabric and tie off with fabric piece.

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