Fabric Pumpkins


  • Halloween Fabric
  • Felt – Orange, Black, Light Green
  • Sharpies™ - Orange, Black
  • Floral Wire – Wrapped Green
  • Embroidery Thread – Gold, Black
  • Fiber Fill/Batting
  • Decocolor™ Paint Pen
  • Hot Glue
  • Needle & Thread
  • Floral Wire - Black

  1. For the large pumpkin – cut Halloween fabric 11 inches tall by 10 ˝ inches wide.
  2. For the medium pumpkin – cut orange felt 9 inches tall by 8 ˝ inches wide.
  3. For the small pumpkin – cut Halloween fabric 7 inches tall by 6 ˝ inches wide.
  4. Fold each piece in half, inside out, with the edges of the width together.
  5. Seam the edge, from top to bottom.
  6. Gather up the bottoms of each pumpkin. Pull tight to close and stitch to hold.
  7. Turn each piece right side out.
  8. Fill with fiber fill/batting.
  9. Gather up each top and pull tight.
  10. Using a long needle and black embroidery thread, sew around each pumpkin with 6 long stitches. Start by going down in the center, out the bottom, pull up again to the center. Repeat until you have done this 6 times working your way around the pumpkin. Tie off securely at the end.
  11. Roll up a small piece of black felt, using hot glue as you are rolling to create a stem for each. Trim ends and hot glue in place in the center top of each pumpkin.
  12. To make leaves, cut two each of light green and orange felt.
  13. Draw veins on the top of each leaf using a contrasting Sharpie™ pen.
  14. On the bottom piece of each leaf, cut floral wire to fit and hot glue to the top. Now, hot glue the leaf together. This will create a sandwich of felt with the wire in the middle.
  15. Hot glue the leaf to the middle stem of the pumpkin. This can be done on one or all of your pumpkins. You may glue one leaf or several leaves.
  16. Wrap the covered floral wire around a pencil to curl the ends. Hot glue in the centers by the stem on each pumpkin.
  17. You can embellish the outsides of a felt pumpkin by gluing a small section of Halloween fabric and finish off stitching with embroidery thread.
  18. The small spider on the leaf was made by first cutting 4 -1 ˝ inch pieces of black wire. Bend both ends in to create a "spider leg look." Hold them together and cross them over and spread out a bit. Lay down flat on a work surface. To the top, drop hot glue. Let cool. Now, add another very small drop of glue to one end of the "body". This will create a spider head. Let cool.
  19. Using a black Decocolor™ pen, color the spider.
  20. If you choose, you can use a fine line yellow Decocolor™ pen to add eyes.
  21. Hot glue the completed spider to a leaf.