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Essentials Climbing Vine Cotton Fabric - Light Brown

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Please Note: Fabric over 10 yards long may come in multiple cuts.

Climbing Vine fabric in Light Brown from Wilmington Prints.

Climbing Vine – Light Brown: The Climbing Vine print brings a touch of delicate elegance to any project. This is a splendid print to use when matching quilts for any occasion, in addition to a number of different home decor and craft projects. Wilmington Prints’ collection Essentials is a must have for your growing fabric stash!

Wilmington Prints Essentials: Throughout the years, Wilmington Prints collections of Essentials have become a go-to in many quilters’ supplies. These prints are created to deal with numerous difficulties that quilters come across on a daily basis; a great merger for those hard-to-match shades and a perfect backing when in need of a dependable basic. Climbing Vine is one of many fantastic prints within these essentials that will get you out of some tight spots in your quilting endeavors. These prints are a dependable collection filled with harmonious shades of one hue to the next without adding any harsh transitions or tough matches. When browsing through these prints it becomes apparent that Wilmington Prints was paying close attention to a vast range of principle ideas while creating Climbing Vine.


SKU : 74518126524
Material : Cotton
Content : 100% Cotton
Fabric Width (inches) : 44/45
UPC : 745181265243
Manufacturer Number : Q1887-38717-200
Condition : New
Color : Brown
Manufacturer : Wilmington Prints
Brand : Wilmington Prints
Designer : Stephanie Marrott
Product Line : Essentials Climbing Vine