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Envelope Organizer



Create your own Envelope Organizer with this free tutorial from Beverly's!


•12 Envelopes (4-1/2” x 5-1/2” shown) •Scrapbook paper (at least 3 coordinating sheets) •Solid Cardstock •Tape Runner or Glue Stick •Letter Stickers (Memoir) •Floradoodle Paper Flowers, White •Adirondack Ink •Embossing gun or hairdryer, optional •Ribbon or Trim •2 Binder Clips


1) Glue envelopes together in four rows of three, adhering flaps behind the bottom of each envelope. Fold top flap back and adhere to back of its own envelope. 2) Overlapping by about 1/4", attach envelope “strips” together to make a panel that is 4 pockets wide by 3 pockets tall. 3) Cut paper rectangles from scrapbook paper and cardstock to fit fronts of pockets; adhere to each pocket. 4) Cut three rectangles of cardstock the height of one envelope. Adhere as shown to the backs of each row of envelopes. 5) Dye Floradoodles by laying them on a plastic surface and dropping one to two drops of Adirondack ink. It will seep from the center to the ends of the petals. Dry with an embossing gun or hairdryer, if desired. 6) Attach ribbon or trim to top and bottom of organizer. 7) Embellish organizer to suit your personal taste or family schedule with letter stickers, flowers and additional ribbon or embellishments. 8) Attach binder clips at top two corners to create hangers. 9) Relax and have fun this summer…now you’ll be organized!

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