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Encaustic Dots on Black Canvas


  • Purple Cows Melt Craft Iron and Encaustic Tips, Mini Iron and Wax Stylus
  • Purple Cows Encaustic Paints and Medium
  • Black 4 x 4 canvas
  • Heat Gun

  1. Start with blank black 4 x 4 canvas
  2. Apply clear wax using the craft iron with the mini iron tip and use a heat gun to fully coat the canvas, let cool
  3. Next, choose a specific color scheme, preferably 5+ colors
  4. Using the stylus tip and beginning with one color and in any corner of the canvas, draw 4 to 5 small dots, all different sizes, no bigger than a corn kernel
  5. Proceed to making small dots with the next color, move towards the middle of the canvas, but fill canvas from end to end horizontally
  6. Continue in this process using the remaining colors until the opposite corner is reached
  7. The canvas should be filled with various dot sizes and various colors
  8. Using the heat gun, approx. 7-9 away from the canvas, heat dots until a light bleeding of colors occur
  9. Let stand and cool for a minute or so
  10. With the stylus tip again, using gold wax, trace around any desired amount of colored dots
  11. Using the silver wax and continuing to use the stylus tip, from one corner to the other, randomly intermix tiny dots
  12. Finally buff with soft cloth for an added sheen

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