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Seashell - Drilled Small

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Small Drilled Seashells 

20 count bag

Use drilled seashells for a plethora of jewelry projects

Each drilled seashell measures an average of about 1 inch in length or width

Small Drilled Seashells: These fantastic drilled seashells are simply perfect for any beach themed jewelry you may have planned in the near future. Use these quality drilled seashells are great for jewelry projects; use these on necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories and much more! Each seashell is of a different shape and size, originating from the beaches of India. These wonderful drilled seashells are small in size; each one measuring an average of about 1 inch in length or width. Even though these seashells are mainly intended for use in jewelry, they work perfectly in kid’s craft projects as well. All in all, these drilled seashells are a great craft item to keep in your stash, proudly provided by our online store. 


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Manufacturer Number : 21018
Condition : New
Color : Natural
Manufacturer : US Shell