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Double Pony Bead Stretch Band


  • Pony Beads – Assorted Colors
  • Stretch Loom Bands – Assorted Colors
  • Loom
  • C- Clip
  • Small Crochet Hook

  1. Make a wood block loom by hammering two 2 ½ inch nails into the center of a block of wood approximately 1 ¼ inches apart.
  2. Start with placing the first band (without beads) on the loom nails in a figure 8. Follow by adding two additional bands without beads and not twisted to the loom nails.
  3. Place 2 pony beads, side by side, on a stretch band.
  4. Using your fingers or a small crochet hook, remove the bottom band from the nails so it is resting on the top of the bands that are stretched between the nails. Make sure the band pulled up goes into the center, between the two beads. As you continue to add beads, the band that is pulled up will need to go in the middle of 2 rows of beads.
  5. Repeat #3; the fish tail bracelet will begin to lengthen and “feed” from the bottom of the nails.
  6. When you are almost to the desired length, add 2-3 rows of stretch bands without beads on them. Then, carefully add the clip to both sides of the bands that are around the nails. Make sure that you are securing 4 band loops onto the clip, or it will come apart). Close the bracelet on both ends.

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