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Dimple Minky Polyester Fabric - White

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Dimple Minky Fabric in White from Shannon Fabrics

About this Fabric: Check out this magnificent minky fabric from Shannon Fabrics in an immaculate white that possesses a positively phenomenal dimpled texture that makes for a pleasantly snuggly and unique fabric. Shannon Fabrics’ Dimple Minkys are available in an expansive array of truly exhilarating color ways that are sure to meet and satisfy all of your creative endeavors. Minky fabric is a superbly smooth and gentle micro fiber polyester fabric that endures many of the same characteristics as fleece, but is considerably softer and therefore is the better material for utilizing in the construction of warm cozy blankets and bedding for young children. In a nutshell this Dimple Minkey from Shannon Fabric is a wonderfully lush fabric that will undoubtedly aide you faithfully in all of your crafting endeavors while simultaneously keeping you warm and cozy this winter! Order a few yards online today from us here at Beverly’s, your one stop discount fabric shop!


SKU : 45030708221
Material : Minky
Content : 100% micro fiber polyester
Fabric Width (inches) : 55
Manufacturer Number : cdwhite
Condition : New
Color : White
Manufacturer : Shannon Fabrics
Product Line : Dimple Minky