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Dimple Minky Polyester Fabric - Denim

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Dimple Minky Fabric in Denim from Shannon Fabrics

About this Fabric: This dazzling minky fabric from Shannon Fabrics is in a cool neutral denim shade that has an almost bluish grey tint, and endures a one-of-a-kin dimpled texture that allows for an extraordinarily cuddly textile! All Shannon Fabrics’ Dimple Minkys come in a wide and diverse catalogue of positively eye popping shades and hues to choose from. Minky fabric is a remarkably luscious and elegant micro fiber polyester fabric that maintains an incredibly plush and cuddly feel that is ideal for constructing warm and snuggly blankets or bedding. To wrap things us, this fantastically cuddly Dimple Minky in denim from Shannon Fabrics is a truly exceptional textile that will without a doubt aide you faithfully in all of your creative endeavors while simultaneously keeping you warm and cozy! Order a few yards online today from us here at Beverly’s, your one stop discount fabric shop!


SKU : 45051408176
Material : Minky
Content : 100% micro fiber polyester
Fabric Width (inches) : 55
Manufacturer Number : cddenim
Condition : New
Color : Blue
Manufacturer : Shannon Fabrics
Product Line : Dimple Minky