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Dimple Minky Polyester Fabric - Caramel

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Dimple Minky Fabric in Caramel from Shannon Fabrics

About this Fabric: This wonderful minky fabric from Shannon Fabrics is in a warm and rich caramel brown shade, and possesses a truly unique dimpled texture that makes for an incredibly cuddly textile. Shannon Fabrics’ Dimple Minkys are attainable in a vast and ever abounding catalogue of electrifying colors that will undoubtedly meet and satisfy all of your crafting needs! Minky fabric is an incredibly smooth and elegant micro fiber polyester fabric that endures an extremely soft and plush feel that is perfect for constructing warm and cuddly blankets and bedding. Over all, Shannon Fabrics’ Dimple Minky in caramel brown is an absolutely fantastic fabric that endures an unbeatably cozy hand. Order a few yards online today from us here at Beverly’s, your one stop discount fabric shop!


SKU : 45051408165
Material : Minky
Content : 100% micro fiber polyester
Fabric Width (inches) : 55
Manufacturer Number : cdcaramel
Condition : New
Color : Brown
Manufacturer : Shannon Fabrics
Product Line : Dimple Minky