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Deep in Love Valentine Apron



Create your own Deep In Love Valentine Apron with this free how-to series from Beverly's!

Materials: -Black Canvas Apron -2 Cotton Print Fabrics, 1/4 yard of each -Ruffled Trim, 1 Yard -Braided Trim, 1 Yard -3/8” Satin Ribbon, 2 Yards -1-1/2” Picot Edge Satin Ribbon, 3 Yards -Needle and Thread -Fabric Glue

Instructions: 1) Turn apron so that pockets are on inside and remove any tags and all straps. You will be working on the inside of the apron. 2) Fold apron in half lengthwise and mark center. Cut along center line from neck 12 inches down. Cut across the first cut 3 inches from the bottom, making an upside down “t”. Fold under and glue to form opening as shown in picture. 3) Glue one piece of printed fabric in apron opening, leaving slight gap to tuck ribbon “laces” into. Fold at center and cut sweetheart neckline. Glue edges under. Trim with ruffled trim. 4) Cut satin ribbon and glue on printed fabric in a criss-cross pattern as shown. Tie a bow and attach at top ribbon. 5) Glue braided trim around edge of apron opening. 6) Cut 2 one yard pieces of picot edge ribbon. Adhere in place of waist ties using fabric glue. 7) Cut remaining piece of picot edge ribbon in half. Adhere to apron top to create neck ties. 8) Fold remaining piece of same fabric in half, tucking in raw edges, and glue to make pocket. Cut a coordinating piece of fabric and adhere to top edge of pocket, then add ruffled trim. 9) Glue pocket at an angle on apron, as pictured. 10) Cut a 5 inch wide piece of second fabric. Fold in half and hand gather along long edge. Adjust ruffle to width of apron. 11) Glue ruffle to bottom edge of apron. Trim with ruffled trim.

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