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Decorated Paper Mache Boxes


  • Paper Mache Boxes – 3 Small, Medium, Large
  • Acrylic Paints- Ceramcoat™ Seminole Green, Straw, Old Parchment and Black
  • Decorative Papers – Graphic 45™ French Country Collection
  • Mod Podge™
  • Mod Melts™
  • Mod Molds™
  • Hot Glue
  • Ribbons
  • Glass Knobs – 4
  • Spray Sealer
  • DecoColor™ Gold Paint Marker – Fine Line
  • DecoColor™ Black Paint Marker – Broad Line

  1. Paint paper Mache boxes. Choose your own colors that are complimentary with your paper selection. We used the following: Small box side=Seminole green, Medium box side=Straw , Large box side=Black. All of the lids are painted Old Parchment. All of the insides and bottoms are painted black.
  2. Let all paints dry.
  3. Choose the decorative papers as you like and Mod Podge™ them to the top lid, and sides following directions on the Mod Podge™. Embellish as you like, layering smaller stickers or cutouts from the collection. Let Dry.
  4. Using the Mod Melts™ and the Mod Molds™, follow directions to make decorative flowers, leaves and bees to decorate the fronts of the medium and large boxes and the lid of the small.
  5. Paint the Mod Melt™ creations to your liking using the same paint colors that you have used to paint your boxes. Let dry.
  6. Accent the dried Mod Melts™ with the gold DecoColor™ paint marker. Let dry.
  7. Spray all of the boxes with the clear sealer spray, following directions on spray can.
  8. Insert the glass knobs into the corners of the bottom of the large box. Tighten bolts with nut from the inside of your box.
  9. Add Ribbons to flaps on lid fronts.
  10. Hot glue the Mod Melt™ creations to the boxes.
  11. Accent the edges with the black DecoColor™ paint marker.

Please Note: All orders for liquidation sale are shipped as is, invoice adjustments will be made as necessary.