Decomesh Heart


  • 20" Round Wire Wreath Form
  • Red Decomesh– 10yards
  • Chenille Stems-Red
  • Wire Cutters
  • Pliers

  1. Use wire cutters and pliers to bend the wreath form to a heart shape.
  2. Attach chenille stem like a twist tie around inner two wires of wreath form.
  3. Attach second chenille stem to outer two wires of wreath form, about 2 inches away.
  4. Repeat every two inches around wreath, alternating inner and outer rings.
  5. Attach decomesh wreath with first chenille stem, twisting as above.
  6. Attach the decomesh to the next chenille stem, leaving about 8 inches of mesh between chenille stems.
  7. Repeat around to first chenille stem; attach then trim decomesh.
  8. Fold chenille stem ends around to back of wreath. Use remaining mesh to cover all wire. Twist chenille stems to conceal. Embellish as desired.