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Deco Mesh Pumpkin Wreath


  • 20 Inch Wire Wreath Frame
  • Deco Mesh Orange, Light Green, Bronze and Dark Green
  • Chenille Stems Orange, Green
  • Large Brown Chenille Stem or Green mesh tubing

  1. Unroll the orange deco mesh.
  2. Attach an orange chenille stem at the bottom of the wreath by wrapping around two outside wires on the wreath frame.
  3. Attach 4 dark green chenille stems at the top of the wreath, two on each side of center on the outer two wires on the wreath frame.
  4. Next to each of the two outer green chenille stems on the sides of the wreath, attach two orange chenille stems.
  5. Begin by wrapping the orange deco mesh around the wreath frame and securing at the two top chenille stems and at the bottom center chenille stem.
  6. Bring the mesh from top to bottom center, and back up again to the top, securing with the chenille stems.
  7. Repeat this process working one side to the other until the wreath opening is full.
  8. Fluff the orange mesh to look like a full pumpkin.
  9. Cut 6 9 inch pieces of dark green mesh.
  10. Cut 1 9 inch piece of bronze mesh.
  11. Cut 2 9 inch pieces of light green mesh.
  12. Roll two dark green pieces of mesh separately and hold in one hand and attach with one of the top green chenille stems.
  13. Repeat the above process using the two chenille stems on the opposite side. In the center, add 1 dark green mesh with one light green mesh. Roll and secure in the top center of the wreath.
  14. From behind, add the bronze mesh to create a stem.
  15. Add a vine made from a large brown chenille stem or green mesh tubing to the wire frame in the top middle. If using the chenille stem, curl and pull to the side. If using the green mesh tubing, loop a 1 yard piece and secure to a chenille stem in the middle top.
  16. Turn wreath over, and wind the chenille stem ends around your finger or pencil and tuck close to the wire wreath frame.

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