> > > > Curly Deco Mesh Wreath

Curly Deco Mesh Wreath


  • 20 Inch Wire Wreath Frame
  • Deco Mesh 10 Inches X 10 Yard Rolls Cream, Bronze, Orange, Dark Green, Light Green, Yellow
  • Chenille Stems

  1. Unroll mesh and cut in approximately 9 inch lengths. Set aside.
  2. Pick up each mesh piece and roll into a tight tube. Do this with one of each of the colors.
  3. While holding mesh rolls in one hand, wrap a chenille stem around the middle and twist around the center to the back to secure tightly.
  4. Take that grouping of mesh and set on top of the wire wreath form.
  5. Wrap the chenille stem onto the wire wreath frame by inserting the stems around two of the wires on the frame, turning the wreath frame over, and twisting to secure on the back side.
  6. Wrap one group on the outside two wires, then one group on the inside two wires, and repeat again on the two outside wires.
  7. Carefully push the mesh groups closely together while working in a zig zag pattern around the wreath form until fully covered. It is best to use at least 3 sets of mesh for each section of the wreath form.
  8. When wreath is fully covered, turn over and twist the chenille stems around your finger or a pencil and tuck close to the frame.

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