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Colorful Easter Basket


  • Basket
  • 6 colors of fine Tulle on a Spool
  • Assorted flowers
  • 2 inch Satin Ribbon
  • 2 yards - 1 inch Sheer Ribbon
  • 1 yard - 1 inch Satin Ribbon
  • 1 yards - 5/16 inch Satin Ribbon
  • Floral wire
  • Hot glue

  1. Cut a length of tulle the same measurment as the edge of the brim of your basket plus 1 inch. Cut 12 inch strips of each color tulle as needed (5 strips will cover 2 inches of basket rim)
  2. Loop each 12 inch strip in front of the basket length tulle and tie by wrapping from the front down and around the back- and through the loop in the top. When you pull it through, you will create a knot in the middle. Continue to do this in a color variation as you like. Hot glue tulle length around the brim.
  3. Wrap the handle with the 2 inch satin ribbon leaving space for basket to show through.
  4. Make a bow from the 5/16 inch ribbon and tie to back side of basket handle.
  5. Make a bow from the 1 1/2 inch Satin Ribbon and wire the 1 inch Sheer Ribbon on top. Hot glue to front basket handle base. Accent with several flowers hot glued in place and add tendrils of Sheer Ribbon glued to the top of the tulle in a spiral on each side.