> > > > Clown Bows and Neckties

Clown Bows and Neckties


  • Felt – Assorted Colors
  • Fabric Tac™ Glue
  • ½" Elastic
  • Elastic Cording

  1. Cut a 6 inch by 6 inch square from the black felt.
  2. Use the Fabric Tac™ Glue and fold the felt backwards to meet in the middle. Glue into place.
  3. Cut another piece of felt 2 inches by 3 inches. Fold in half and secure with a small dab of glue.
  4. Wrap from the front to the back and secure in place with glue after pinching the bow tie in the middle. Let dry. String a 14 inch piece of elastic cording through the loop in the back. Tie in a knot and add a drop of glue. Pull knot under the middle piece of felt.