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China Silk Polyester Lining

China Silk by Vitex Fabrics exudes the look and replicates the feel of true silk without the added cost! Finely crafted from 100% polyester, China Silk is the ideal material for re-lining the inside of your favorite old jacket or adding a refined look to your latest fabric craft project without breaking the bank. Our China Silk textile retains all of the smoothness and glowing luster of regular silk, and it is available in a vast range of colors and shades: from warm, sensual apricot to bright, bold royal blue. These beautiful solid-colored textiles can also be used to line jacket pockets, the inside of a handbag or coin purse, or as an accent on a hat or your favorite piece of outerwear. Beverly’s online fabric store makes it easy, and inexpensive, to add luxurious materials and captivating fabrics such as China Silk to your stash. Before emptying your pockets on real silk, try lining them with our beautiful China Silk!

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