Chalkboard Ornaments


  • Plastic Ornaments
  • Black Chalkboard Paint
  • Clear Acrylic Coating
  • Decorative Ribbons
  • Christmas Picks
  • Chalk Marker - White
  • Hot Glue

  1. Paint plastic ornaments with chalkboard paint. Let dry.
  2. Spray seal with the clear acrylic coating. Let dry.
  3. Tie a 1/8 inch ribbon through the top cap to hang. Pull the knot down into the cap and hot glue in place. Replace the cap on the ornament.
  4. Wrap the cap with ribbons and secure with a bow.
  5. Break apart a Christmas pick. Using small bits, glue to the top of the ornament near the cap and bow to embellish.
  6. Have you child write their teacher's, relative's or friend's names, their grade, the year, their school, their name…..the list is endless, on the ornament with the chalk marker. Let dry.