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Canning Jar Wall Vase


  • Canning Jar
  • Wood Slab
  • Trim
  • Tacks
  • E-6000™ Glue
  • Flowers/Moss/Foam
  • Label/Metal Label
  • Stamps/Stamp Pad
  • Scissors

  1. Start by gluing your canning jar to the wooden slab using E-6000™. Let this dry undisturbed.
  2. Wrap and glue the trim around the mason jar and secure with tacks to the wood. Also make a hanger using the same trim and some tacks (supported by a little glue as well).
  3. To make your label, cut out a small piece of paper and stamp your flower’s name on it. Secure into metal frame and glue onto mason jar.
  4. Add foam, flowers and moss to the jar. Make sure all the glue is dry before hanging your piece.

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