Candy Party Favor


A sweet and simple Halloween craft that will make your house the one to visit! Follow the instructions below or download and print our free PDF file for future reference.

For this fun Halloween craft, you'll need:

2" clay pot
Craft paint in yellow, orange and white
Foam brush
Party bags
Candy corn
Orange curling ribbon

Project Downloads

1. Measure 1" up from the bottom of the clay pot and make a small pencil mark.

2. Flip pot upside down and paint the the 1" portion white. For easy painting, hold the foam brush against the outside of the pot and rotate it gradually around with your fingers.

3. Paint the middle section of the pot orange, using the same technique as above.

4. Paint the outer rim and the top of the inside yellow, also using the same technique.

5. Allow the pot(s) to dry for several hours. Fill the pots with candy corn.

6. Place the filled pot in a plastic party bag and secure rightly with orange curling ribbon. Serve as Halloween treats or use as decor during this spooky season!

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