Charger Plate Tower


  • 3 charger plates
  • 3 glass plates
  • 3 square blocks
  • 2 yards of lace trim
  • 1 yards of gold ribbon
  • Hot Glue
  • Gold paint
  • Topper: flowers, pine, ribbon, pearls

Project Downloads
  1. Paint wooden blocks gold. Let dry.
  2. Cut six pieces of lace 15 long.
  3. Cut three pieces of ribbon 15 long.
  4. Take two pieces of lace, with the straight edges together, wrap along the center of the block, gluing along the way. Cut of any extra lace. Repeat on the other blocks.
  5. Take a piece of ribbon, wrap along the center seam of the lace, gluing along the way. Cut off any extra. Repeat on the other blocks.
  6. Take one block and glue flowers, pine, ribbon, pearls, and other decorative pieces onto top.
  7. To assemble tower, lay down charger plate, glass plate, and square. Repeat till you used all your pieces.

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