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Butterfly Tea Towel



Create your own Butterfly Tea Towel with this free tutorial from Beverly's!


-Tea Towel -Sheer wire edge ribbon spool -Satin wire edge ribbon spool -Decorative or printed ribbon spool -Fabri-tac -Stamp of choice -StazOn ink pad -Puff Paint -Glitter -Rhinestones


1) Fold tea towel into thirds, press flat. 2) Cut a piece of your satin ribbon twice the width of the bottom of the folded tea towel 3) Pull out the wire and scrunch ribbon to create a ruffle. 4) Glue the top of the scrunched ribbon to the tea towel. 5) Repeat with sheer ribbon. 6) Glue on decorative ribbon to the top of the sheer ribbon. 7) Stamp on your image of choice. 8) Using your puff paint go over a portion of the stamp lines. 9) While the puff paint is still wet, sprinkle glitter over. 10) Glue on rhinestones with Fabri-tac.

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