Burlap Bag


  • 4 inch wide by 10 inch long Burlap Wired Ribbon
  • Hot Glue
  • Brown/White Bakers Twine
  • 2 small Beads
  • Large Embroidery Needle
  • Small Hole Punch

  1. Fold over both raw edges to the inside of bag inch.
  2. Hot glue in place.
  3. With the right side of the ribbon down on your work surface, place two hot glue drops 1 inch from the folded edge and one inch apart in the center of each end. Press down each drop to flatten. Cool.
  4. Using a very small hole punch, punch through all four glue dots.
  5. The hot glue serves as reinforcement on the holes that have been cut in the burlap. It prevents it from fraying.
  6. Fold the bottom edge up 4 inches.
  7. Using bakers twine, thread the needle and sew edges. We used a blanket stitch, but any stitch will work. Sew to the end of the folded side. Secure and trim excess twine. Sew both sides.
  8. Fold the top flap down at the edge of the sewn pocket.
  9. Thread a 14 inch piece of bakers twine through the holes in the burlap. Thread from the outside front, through the inside flap and back out to the front again. At the each end of the twine, tie on a small bead. Use a small drop of hot glue to secure and trim excess twine .

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