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Bunny Pop Favors


  • Blo pops™ Candy Suckers
  • Unfinished 1 or 1.5 inch Wooden Hearts
  • 1 inch wood bead with 3/8 inch hole
  • White & assorted pastel acrylic paints
  • Mod Podge™
  • White/Pink Felt
  • White Chenille Stems
  • Pink/Black Scribbles
  • ¼ inch Satin Ribbon – 9 inch length
  • Reg. Black Sharpie. Fine Line Black Sharpie
  • Hot Glue

  1. Paint ball and hearts with white paint. Let dry.
  2. Using Sharpie, make three "toes" on top of foot (heart)
  3. Paint edge of heart a contrasting color to sucker wrapper
  4. Paint a "V" shape to look like a "flip-flop". Let dry.
  5. Paint heart feet and ball head with Mod-Podge.
  6. Using Scribbles, make eyes and nose. Let dry.
  7. Add mouth and whiskers, using the Sharpies.
  8. Cut two small pink centers for ear. Hot glue to white felt.
  9. Hot glue ½ of a Chenille Stem onto the white felt at the edge of the pink felt.
  10. Then trim to edge of Chenille Stem.
  11. Hot glue sucker onto "feet". Slide head onto top of sucker.
  12. Put one drop of hot glue into hole on head and insert ears.
  13. Cut a Chenille Stem into 4 pieces. Using two, fold each in half for Bunny's arms. Hot glue to sides of sucker.Tie bow around neck.

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