Look no further than broadcloth when you need a fabric that will retain its shape and structure, even after regular, rigorous use. Historically, broadcloth was a textile spun from wool and “fulled” to create a smooth surface. Broadcloth was commonly used as a material for day suits and formal attire. Today, broadcloth is typically created from cotton and polyester, or a cotton blend, and is thus more uniform in appearance and pleasant to the touch. The selection of broadcloth materials at Beverly’s online fabric store is perfectly suited for quilting, use in apparel, or for various craft projects. We offer a variety of solid colored, patterned and graphically decorated broadcloth textiles, so that you can find the perfect selection for your next project! Though broadcloth is among the most durable of fabrics, it is lightweight and shrink-resistant. When you need to add strength to a garment without adding additional weight, or if you simply want a fabric that will last, look no further than Beverly’s selection of broadcloth!