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Boutique Fur Sure Yarn

Need to add a bit of fun fur fabric to your winter wardrobe? If you answered "Sure!" then you need to browse our selection of Boutique Fur Sure Yarn! This 96% acrylic, 4% nylon blend textile is the perfect addition to warm wintry apparel projects such as hats, scarves, boot toppings or cloth mitten adornments. Like the name implies, this material has the frizzy, fur-like appearance that is so often used in apparel or home decor trim. Pick up a big selection of these fine yarn materials from Beverly’s online fabric store, the place for discount fabric, and you’ll have enough to fill out the trim on any apparel or home decor project you can imagine! To diversify your stash of knitting or crocheting materials, Fur Sure Yarn can be purchased in several different colors, including camel, eggplant, magenta, ruby and teal. Pair these textiles with some of your other complementary fabrics to really get the creative ideas flowing!

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