Boot Cuffs

Create your own Feathered or Fur Boot Cuffs with this free how-to series from Beverly's! A quick and easy wardrobe updater!

Feathered Boot Cuff Materials -Feathers -Decorative Elastic Trim -Hot Glue -2 Hook & Eye Closures -Sewing Needle -Sewing Thread -Sewing Pins

Feathered Boot Cuff Directions 1) Measure around the top of your boots. 2) Stretch out elastic trim to the measured length of the top of your boot and cut 2 pieces. 3) On a fabric surface stretch out the decorative elastic trim and pin decorative side down to secure length. 4) Glue feathers on the plain side of elastic trim; let dry. 5) Unpin the elastic trim. On the decorative side sew on 1 eye at the end of the trim. 6) Sew hook on the other end of the trim on the plain side. 7) Hold trim to top of boot and fasten with hook and eye.

Faux Fur Boot Cuff Materials -Faux Fur -Ribbon -Craft Punch: Big Bite or Crop-a-dile Punch

Faux Fur Boot Cuff Directions 1) Measure the top of your boots. 2) Cut the fur to the desired width of the cuff. 6” is pictured. 3) Cut the fur to the length you measured in step one. 4) Punch holes down the edges of the width of the fur. 5) Lace the ribbon through the holes. 6) Slip on fur cuff and secure by tightening and tying off the ribbon.