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Blenders are the ideal textile choice when you’re looking for a little bit more than a solid color, but a little bit less than a festive, flamboyant print. As the name implies, blenders are fabrics which sport a collage-like or blended pattern. The perfect material for home decoration, large or small scale quilting projects, or any other fabric craft project you can imagine, blenders attract the eye without overwhelming it. From moody watercolor-inspired designs and airy cloud patterns to light-hearted geometric prints and colorful polka dot collages, Beverly’s online fabric store has what you need! Though many associate blenders and cotton textiles, we also stock fleece and flannel blenders. Adding an assortment of blender materials to your cart creates endless possibilities: colorful flannel pajama pants, festive fleece blankets and cozy cotton quilts are just a few of the charming crafts you can create! When it comes to beautiful blenders, Beverly’s online fabric store has you covered.

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