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Beach Glass - Cobalt Blue

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Beach Glass in Cobalt Blue from Panacea.

• 16 oz.

About Beach Glass in Cobalt Blue: This tumbled beach glass is in radiant colors of Cobalt Blue. With vibrant light and dark blues this beach glass is perfect for adding splashes of color to any floral arrangement or table accent.

Beach Glass is pieces of broken glass that has been tumbled and etched by water, wind, and sand over time to form uniquely shaped pieces of glass. Beach glass is great for adding color and texture to any room; simply use as vase filler by adding to a clear glass vase or bowl. Beach glass is also a great base to steady and hold candles in there place, while creating a relaxing effect for any environment. Each order is one 16oz. package of beach glass.


SKU : 09343270150
UPC : 093432701508
Manufacturer Number : 70150
Condition : New
Color : Blue
Manufacturer : Panacea
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