Ballerina Tutu


A cute ballerina tutu perfect for Halloween, or any occasion!

Ballerina Tutu Supplies (for pictured tutu)

Tulle (5/8 of a yard of 5 different colors)
1" elastic (measure waist and add 2")
16 yards of 1/4" and/or 3/8" ribbon (25 pieces--22" each)
1 yard 1/2" satin ribbon (for bow at waist)
Large and small safety pin
Rotary cutter and cutting mat or scissors

Star Wand Supplies (takes 15 minutes plus drying time)

3 pieces of ribbon, 24" long
3 pieces of ribbon, 30" long
Silver glitter foam (for 2 stars)
1/8" dowel, 18" long
Pink craft paint & foam brush
Craft glue

Project Downloads

Ballerina Tutu Directions:

1. Measure child and pin elastic to fit waist. (Can adjust and add tulle as child grows.)
2. Cut tulle into strips 4-5" wide x 22" long.
3. Fold each strip in half, bring loop up through elastic ring, put ends through loop, and pull ends down securing tulle around elastic. Repeat all the way around the elastic alternating colors.
4. When skirt is full go back and add ribbon strips, tying twice to secure.
5. Tie 1/2" satin ribbon into bow and secure to front with safety pin. *To determine amount of fabric for other sizes use this easy formula: measure from waist to desired length (A); Ax2+4"= length of tulle (B) for each piece. Purchase B"of each color and cut that piece into at least 10 pieces, each 5-6" wide.

Star Wand Directions:

1. Paint dowel, use pattern and cut out 2 stars.
2. Glue stars together with dowel in between, make a pile of 6 ribbons and tie once around dowel.
3. Put a dab of glue just under star and push ribbon knot over glue and hold.