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Ballerina Bottle Topper


  • Glass Bottle
  • Wooden shape with ball top
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Mod Podge™
  • Cork
  • Tulle on a spool
  • Sheer Ribbon
  • Petaloo™ Flowers
  • Chenille Stem – tan
  • Embrodiery Thread
  • Sharpie Pen – extra fine line

  1. Paint hair on rounded top of wooden shape. Let dry.
  2. Paint neckline down to create a tu-tu. Let dry.
  3. Paint shape with Mod Podge™. Let dry.
  4. Cut two 3 inch pieces of chenille stems, fold in half and glue to sides.
  5. Cut a 12 inch piece of tulle. Fold into thirds and cut on fold.
  6. Sew with a stitch through one side. Gather and glue to body.
  7. Cut a 12 inch piece of sheer ribbon and sew as above. Glue to body.
  8. Wrap above the glue line with Embroidery thread to create a wasteline. Glue in place.
  9. Glue a Petaloo™ flower on top of head as well in hands.
  10. Glue Cork to bottom.