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Dritz Ball Point Bodkin 6in

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Needle with ballpoint end. For threading trims and ribbons, turning bias tubing for button loops, frog closures, straps and belts and for inserting elastic into a casing.

Instructions: BIAS TUBING - 1.Insert ball point of bodkin in closed end of tubing. 2.Push bodkin through center of tubing, gradually turning tubing to inside. 3.Remove bodkin after tube is completely turned. ELASTIC - 1.Insert elastic into eye of bodkin. 2.Slide bodkin (ball point end first) through casing, stitch ends of elastic to secure. TIP - Pin loose end of elastic to avoid pulling through casing. RIBBON WEAVING - Insert ribbon into eye of bodkin. Use ball point to weave ribbon through trim or eyelets.

Ball Point Bodkin by Dritz


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