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Hoffman Bali Pops Fabric Strip Bundle - Tiramisu

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Bali Pops Fabric Strip Bundle in Tiramisu

Each pack features 40 outstanding batik prints

Each strip measures 2-1/2" x 43/44"

Tiramisu: This Bali Pops palette showcases an assortment of positively alluring blue and green hues; everything from cool blue marbles to warm tans, reds and greens are present within this phenomenal bundle. These Bali Pop fabric strips are wonderful for piecing together distinct quilt projects with ease; whether you keep the Tiramisu bundle handy as a go-to source for coordinating or work with them as the foundation for your next quilting project; this outstanding selection of Tiramisu flavored Bali Batik strips are a must!

Bali Pops: Hoffman Fabrics new Bali Pops Bundles are making waves! With each and every pack featuring an array of creative possibilities, Bali Pops are a must have for the quilting enthusiast! Whether you are using Bali Pops as a source for creative inspiration or simply for filling in the blanks of a batik project in the works; these one-of-a-kind batik strips are remarkably convenient. Each Bali Pop bundle consists of 40 uniquely "flavored" strips of irresistible batik, making them a dependable source for mixing, matching, accenting and more! Overall, our online fabric store is proud to provide Hoffman Fabricís top notch Bali Pops Bundles. Get your hands on a pack or two today!


Handmade in Bali, Indonesia. Stripes are cut by hand. Slight variations may occur.

SKU : 45000002076
Material : Batik
Content : 100% Cotton
Fabric Width (inches) : 43/44
Manufacturer Number : #BP-607-Tiramisu
Condition : New
Color : Green
Manufacturer : Hoffman Fabrics