> Hoffman Bali Pops Fabric Strip Bundle - Taffy #BP-491

Hoffman Bali Pops Fabric Strip Bundle - Taffy #BP-491

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Bali Pops Fabric Strip Bundle inTaffy

Each pack features 40 beautiful batik prints

Each strip measures 2-1/2" X 44"

This Bali Pops color scheme contains a wide variety of green shades; from deep pine to a bright key lime, this bundle is sure to inspire your next project. Bali Pop strips can make it easy to create projects that are always extremely cohesive in color scheme. Many people create batik quilts from start to finish with these Batik bundles.

Bali Pops: Hoffman Fabrics has created a perfect way to start your next projects with Bali Pops. Each pack contains its own "flavor" of colors, new color schemes are always on their way. Every Bali Pops pack contains a selection of 40 pre-cut strips which measure 2 1/2" X 43/44" inches; a perfect cut for creating quilt borders and other quilt designs. Our online store is thrilled to offer one more Bali Pop flavor from Hoffman Fabrics.


Handmade in Bali, Indonesia. Stripes are cut by hand. Slight variations may occur.

SKU : 45000008496
Material : Batik
Content : 100% Cotton
Fabric Width (inches) : 43/44
Manufacturer Number : #BP-491 Taffy
Condition : New
Color : Green
Manufacturer : Hoffman Fabrics
Product Line : Bali Pops