> Hoffman Bali Pops Fabric Strip Bundle - Brown Sugar

Hoffman Bali Pops Fabric Strip Bundle - Brown Sugar

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Bali Pops Fabric Strip Bundle in Brown Sugar

Each pack features 40 outstanding batik prints

Each strip measures 2-1/2" x 43/44"

Brown Sugar: This Bali Pops color scheme features a range of soothing hues; everything from coffee tan, beige, black, and soft green blues create the Brown Sugar colorway. These Bali Pop fabric strips can create brilliant quilts that carry an inspiring character; whether you keep Brown Sugar in the quilting closet as a just-in-case collection or work with them as the basis for your next quilt; this pack of Bali Batiks is sure to do the trick.

Bali Pops: Hoffman Fabrics has achieved true beauty in Bali Pops; each and every pack featuring a wide range of sewing project possibilities. Whether you're using Bali Pops as a starting point, or filling in the blanks of a batik project in progress; overall, these batiks are incredibly handy. Each Bali Pop is made up of 40 different "flavored" strips of luxuriously dyed batiks, making them a reliable source for matching. Overall, our online fabric store is happy to offer these Bali Pops.


SKU : 45000002073
Material : Batik Fabric
Content : 100% Cotton
Fabric Width (inches) : 43/44
Manufacturer Number : #BP-514 Brown Sugar
Condition : New
Color : Multi-Color
Manufacturer : Hoffman Fabrics