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Animal Headbands and Cuffs


Materials for Pig

  • 2 Pink Felt Squares
  • 1 Black Felt Square
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Plastic Headband
  • Pink Chenille Stem
  • Safety Pin
  • Ear Template
  • Materials for Cheetah

    • 1 Cheetah Felt Square
    • Black Fun Fur (trim or sheet)
    • Plastic Headband
    • Cheetah Ribbon
    • Black Grosgrain Ribbon
    • Ear Template

    Project Downloads
  1. Cover headband with ribbon.
  2. Cut ears from felt using template.
  3. Glue ears to headband, pinching slightly in the middle to curve the ear. ~For pig, space ears apart to resemble pig ears. ~For cheetah, place ears close together at top of headband. Make a bow from black grosgrain ribbon and adhere between ears.
  4. Cut armbands from felt. ~For pig, cut 1 piece of felt in half to make 2 pieces 5-1/2"x9". Cut 2 strips of black felt 1"x9". Notch the black strips in the center to create hoof. ~For cheetah, cut two strips of felt 4"x9". Then cut two 1-1/2" strips of fun fur.
  5. Glue felt or fur embellishment to cuff. Glue short sides of cuff together to fit wrist. ~For pig tail, cut a pink chenille stem in half. Wrap around a pencil to spiral, then slide off. Twist one end through the eye of a safety pin to attach.