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Angry Bird!


  • 4 or 5 inch styrofoam ball
  • 2 pkgs of red Marabou single feather
  • Black and red single crow feathers for hackle and tail
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Fun foam sheet yellow for beak
  • Black Chenille stem for brow
  • Dowel for legs
  • Lara's Craft wood pot for feet
  • Piece of wood plaque to glue it all together and make him stand

  1. Glue feathers all over the styrofoam ball. Tip!: Glue 1/2 of the feathers together and let dry so they are to easier to handle!
  2. Fashion piece of fun foam into beak and glue to feather ball. Pin until dry with a straight pin.
  3. Glue eyes and brow into place.
  4. Paint the wood pieces.
  5. Glue the wood pot upside down on the wood plaque.
  6. Insert the wood dowel into the hole in the wood pot and glue.
  7. Insert the other end of the wood dowel into the bottom of your Angry Bird body and glue.