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Aleene's Carpenter Wood Glue 4 oz. bottle

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Aleene's Aliphatic Wood Glue 4 oz. bottle is a multi-task glue ideal for wood, household, hobby and craft projects as well as for furniture and general repairs. Aleene's All-Purpose Wood Glue is fast drying, super strong, sandable and paintable. Recommended for: Wood, furniture, frames and wood turnings.

Aliphatic is another term for yellow wood glues. These yellow wood glues provide a strong bond, fast drying time, and are not affected by solvents from paints and finishes. Most importantly, they can be sanded.

Because Aliphatic Wood Glue dries faster than most, if needed, use clamps to temporarily hold your wood pieces together until the glue completely dries. Position wood block between the clamps and the surface to spread the weight evenly while allowing to dry. Do not use excessive force when putting the pieces together as this will force the glue out of the joint and weaken it's ability to bond.

1. The professional formula Aliphatic Wood Glue is ideal for craft, hobby and household wood projects. 2. Apply to unpainted or stained surfaces of clean, dry wood. 3. While wet, remove excess with a damp cloth. 4. Press or clamp together for approximately 30 minutes. 5. Let dry 24 hours for permanent bond. 6. Always test for best results.


4 fl. oz. all purpose wood glue, non-toxic.

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