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18G Floral Stem Wire Pkg of 2 - Silver

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18G floral wire in bright.

About this Product: Floral wire is one of the basic floral materials needed when creating fresh or silk floral or flower arrangements. It comes in a variety of different gauges, is usually made from aluminum, and can come in array of colors. The most basic floral wire is precut into 18in. pieces and come in aluminum’s natural silver, often referred to as the color bright, or a painted dark hunter green. Floral wire comes in a variety of thicknesses measured in gauges; the higher the gauge number the thinner and more flexible the wire is. This floral wire is 18in. precut pieces of 18 gauge wire, which means it is a little thicker wire with a moderate amount of flexibility. It is ideal for attaching sturdy items such as garlands, branches, and heavier floral bouquets to center pieces, arches, and arbors.

This floral stem wire is 18in. in length.

18 gauge wire.

20 pieces in each packages.

40 pieces in each order.


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Manufacturer Number : 571818
Condition : New
Color : Silver
Manufacturer : Panacea
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