> > > > Dritz Knit Elastic Bundle 1/4 inch X 3 yd

Dritz Knit Elastic Bundle 1/4 inch X 3 yd

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¼" Knit Elastic in White from Dritz

About this Product: This comfortable, soft stretch knit elastic is curl resistant and is comprised of 67% polyester and 33% rubber, which affords it a and resilient stretch ability that makes it perfect for lining necklines, sleeves and swimwear. Applying this elastic is as simple as either inserting into casing of fabric stitching it onto the wrong side of the fabric! This handy elastic material is machine washable and dryable in temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and chlorine bleach safe and salt water safe, making maintenence a breeze! Order a pack of Dritz ¼” knit elastic in white online today from us here at Beverly’s and get crafty!

- This Pack Contains 3 yards of Dritz Knit Elastic in White


SKU : 07287909314
UPC : 072879093148
Manufacturer Number : DE9314W
Condition : New
Color : White
Manufacturer : Dritz